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I am Eric, an Experienced Golf & Family Travel Concierge (8 years with GolfPackagePros.com + other Travel Agencies) and Father of Four (Ages 18, 15, 15 and 7).

I Launched “Stays + Plays Travel Agency” in 2017, to tie my Personal Experience in Researching and Booking the Travel of Others to the Expertise of an Award-Winning Agency Host (Travel Quest) and the Global Partnership Access of the Travel Leaders Network.

With 13+ Years in the Travel Industry (Plus 400+ Trips Booked since we opened in 2017!), We Are Proven Experts in Golf, Family and International Travel. We Are Here to Serve YOU!!!

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About Me

There are MANY Great Reasons to Plan and Book Your Next GREAT TRIP through Stays + Plays. The Image to the Left provides SOME of those Reasons. BUT… REALLY… When it all comes down to it, you’ll get the cheapest hotels, the best restaurant advice and HONEST do’s/dont’s about anywhere you’re considering a trip with ZERO booking fees. If you like your money…keep it…and let us show you how!

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